Truck Driver Charged for Driving Too Fast

Randy Appleton, Virginia Trucking Accident Attorney

A trucker from North Carolina was cited on Sept. 9 for driving too fast on a wet Interstate 70 in Pennsylvania, which caused his rig to flip over and to hit three other vehicles.

Pennsylvania State Police  stated that I-70 west was closed for four hours after the 5:30 am wreck in Buffalo Township, Washington County.

Police stated that the driver was cited for driving too fast for the rainy conditions. He suffered minor injuries, and the other three drivers had minor injuries as well.


We are Virginia trucking accident attorneys and are glad that there were no serious injuries in this accident. Frequently we see that tractor trailer drivers driving too fast for conditions end up causing serious accidents that injure or kill innocent people. Many times a tractor trailer driver will drive too fast in slippery conditions and end up killing people.

The fact is that operating a tractor trailer requires a commercial driver’s license, and with it there is a special responsibility to take special care when driving.

One recent tractor trailer crash involving the comedian Tracy Morgan in New Jersey was likely caused by a truck driver being fatigued and failing to stop for traffic and slamming into Morgan’s limo. Morgan had a severe brain injury and his friend was killed. This is another example of the great importance of truck drivers obeying traffic and safety rules. Trucks are much larger than cars and take a lot longer to slow down.