After Train/Truck Crash, Truck Driver Complains About Intersection

The owner of the tractor trailer who was struck by a train, splitting the trailer in two, has stated that the intersection where it occurred is dangerous. The crash occurred at the the North Carolina-Virginia line. The train was traveling between Charlotte NC and New York City. More than 250 passengers were on board but no one was injured.

The owner of Driver Trucking Inc, based in Roanoke Rapids, NC stated that the truck driver has had a good record with her firm. He was waiting to turn at this particular intersection before the train hit it. This left the driver with minor injuries.

Virginia State Police stated that that the stoplight at the intersection was blinking red. The truck driver looked up and down the tracks before he crossed and did not see a train coming.


There are many grade crossing accidents every year that involve tractor trailers and trains. There was a crash earlier this year where another Amtrak train slammed into a big rig that got stuck on the tracks near Halifax, NC. That wreck injured 54 people.

Our Virginia truck accident law firm has seen a number of collisions between trains and tractor trailers in recent years. One case that occurred in Louisiana left two rail crew members in critical condition. The truck driver was able to jump out of the cab and escape injury.

Our law firm has represented many train crew members who have been hurt after such accidents as this. The recovery from their injuries could take months or years.

Also, these types of accidents highly problems that happen with track maintenance and the general condition of grade crossings. The investigation of the crash in North Carolina could take months, but investigators need to look closely at how that intersection is designed. If the truck is unable to see a train coming easily, changes need to be made. Trucks accelerate very slowly from a stop and they are obviously much longer than passenger cars. A truck driver needs to have plenty of warning if a train is approaching.