Truck Driver Indicted in North Carolina in Deadly Crash

A North Carolina truck driver whose big rig crashed and triggered a multi-vehicle pile up on I-64 that left a woman dead has been indicted by a New Kent NC jury.

The truck driver was indicted on a single charge of involuntary manslaughter and a single charge of misdemeanor reckless driving.

The indictment stated that the truck driver was going east on I-64 on March 11 2015 when he slammed into a pickup truck as traffic slowed due to a disabled car. The wreck caused a chain reaction that caused the pickup truck to be pushed into the path of another big rig. The female driver of the pickup died at the scene.


We send our sincere condolences to the family of the innocent pickup driver who lost her life in this preventable tragedy. As truck accident attorneys in Virginia and North Carolina, we have seen truck drivers neglect their duties to drive in a safe manner, and kill innocent people.

In 2010, we represented a family of a man from Portsmouth VA whose vehicle was rear ended by a tractor trailer on I-64. He was driving his pick up slowly due to a tire problem. The vehicle caught fire and the young man died at the scene.

During the deposition, the big rig driver admitted he had not seen the vehicle until seconds before impact. The driver argued that the young man was driving too slowly on the interstate, and that he had no hazards on. Our truck accident lawyer was able to convince the trucker’s insurance company that this defense would fail in court.

We discovered in our investigation that the trucker had not treated his diabetes properly, even after his doctor ordered him to do so. We were able to reach a settlement during mediation of $3.5 million for the family of the man who died. Although it will not bring the man back, at least we were able to provide funds to pay for the man’s daughter and her expenses as she grows up.