Lawsuit Filed in West Virginia for Fatal Truck Crash

A tractor trailer driver in West Virginia lost control of his rig last June on a wet road and crashed into a bridge support, killing himself and his wife. A passenger in the truck, the sister of the wife, was severely injured and has filed a lawsuit against Perry Trucking Company, who was the employer of the deceased driver.

The lawsuit states that the driver was trying to turn left but he lost control of the truck on the slick road. He hit the center median barrier and then the bridge support. This caused a fire in the cab and killed the driver and his wife.


The suit states that the woman has endured mental and physical suffering and also the loss of her sister. She is seeking damages so that she can help to raise the children of the woman who died.

We send our condolences to the family of the deceased in this tragic accident. Big rig accidents that take innocent lives are all too common these days. Many of these accidents are due to driver error, such as driving too fast for conditions, or driving while fatigued. Our law firm has successfully represented many families who are seeking justice after they have lost one of their loved ones due to the careless actions of a truck driver. In one case in 2010, we settled a case for $3.5 million after a truck driver rear ended our client on I-64 in Virginia, killing him.