Beckley WV Woman Sues Trucking Company For Injuries

A woman from Beckley, West Virginia is suing a trucking company and its driver, alleging that both are responsible for her injuries from a 2013 crash in Fayetteville County.

The woman is suing Long Run Transportation and the truck driver, alleging that both were negligent in the Dec. 4, 2013 wreck.

The woman alleges that she was driving on a local road when she hit a tractor trailer owned by Long Run Transportation. She alleges that she was forced to hit a truck by another car, and the truck was driving in the middle of the road. She suffered a head injury and bumps and bruises, and is seeking general interest damages.

We have seen cases over the years where trucks that have done unsafe things have caused injuries to other people.

Our trucking accident law firm once worked on a case that we won for $3.5 million because the truck driver rear ended a car. Truck drivers have a vital obligation to obey all traffic laws, such as being on the right side of the road and going the speed limit, to ensure the safety of the public.

When truck drivers violate basic driving rules, very tragic results can occur. We are glad that this woman in the above case was not hurt worse.