Big Rig Hits School Bus in North Carolina

A tractor trailer rear ended a school bus in Aberdeen NC on Nov. 12, which sent several children and adults to the hospital with minor injuries. 

The North Carolina Highway Patrol stated that the bus had stopped to pick up a child at a bus stop when the big rig hit the bus from behind. The bus did have its lights and stop arm activated when the crash happened.


Four children were on the bus at the time, and two of them were taken to a local hospital with minor injuries. The bus and truck driver also were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Charges are pending against the truck driver.

We are experienced trucking accident attorneys in Virginia, and we are glad that no one was seriously hurt in this crash. Federal law mandates that all trucking companies have insurance to pay for any harm done due to a driver hitting another vehicle. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations stated that a vehicle weighing more than 10,001 pounds that is not carrying hazardous cargo must have at least $750k of financial coverage if there is an accident.

So if you are ever hit by a commercial big rig, you should know that the truck and driver are covered by adequate insurance to pay for your injuries. Of course, trucking companies and their insurance company will try to wiggle out of paying a claim if they can. That is why you need to have a highly experienced personal injury legal team to represent you. Attorneys experienced in truck crashes know to bring in trucking and accident experts that can show in court that in many cases, the fault in the accident lies with the big rig and its driver.