Family of Man Crushed Between Trucks Sues for $65 Million

The estate of a man in California who was crushed between two 18 wheelers is suing the Oregon-based trucking company for negligence in a $65 million wrongful death lawsuit.

The man, Connor Tarr, 26, died in the truck crash last December in northern CA. The lawsuit alleges that Tarr was a passenger in a 2015 Audi going north on I-5 near Los Banos, CA on Dec. 19, 2014. The driver of the Audi slowed down as he entered a construction area around 2 am. The truck driver, Thomas Truelove, slammed into the back of the Audi. The Audi also had a truck in front of it, so the car was crushed between the two big rigs.


Tarr died at the scene and the Audi’s driver suffered serious injuries.

The wrongful death lawsuit accuses the truck driver of failing to control his truck, driving too fast for conditions, ignoring construction site warnings and driving while fatigued.

Our trucking accident personal injury law firm hates to see big rigs rear end cars, which nearly always ends terribly for the car’s occupants. We handled a case in 2010 where a truck driver rear ended our clients’ car, having essentially run the car over. He hit the car at approximately 40 MPH, flattening the vehicle so it was unrecognizable.

The impact from the truck/car crash was so strong that the front seats of the car collapsed into the rear. The trunk was crushed into the passenger area, which slammed two little girls’ heads into the head rests. This caused severe brain damage to one of the girls and a concussion to the other.

This brain injury case was very complicated, but with our experience, we were able to reach a satisfactory settlement of $21 million. The problem was that the girl with serious brain damage actually had a quite good physical recovery. However, we were able to show that she actually had serious brain damage that was getting slowly worse over time. We held a day-long mediation session with the trucker and his company, which led to the structured settlement.