Truck Driver Arrested on Drug Charges After Crash

A semi truck driver was arrested on December 6 in Ford River MI for driving under the influence of drugs.

The Michigan State Police stated that the truck driver was driving a big rig on M-35 in Ford River when the truck crossed the center line, drove into a ditch, and jack knifed into a wall in a yard.

The driver was arrested on the scene for operating a commercial vehicle while under the influence of drugs.

Police also stated that one of the fuel trucks on the big rig ruptured and spilled 30 gallons of diesel fuel onto the ground.

We are relieved that no one was injured in this accident, but there is no question that drug abuse is a growing problem among truck drivers. As truck accident attorneys in Virginia and North Carolina, we are seeing more deadly truck accidents that are due to drug abuse.

Many of these crashes are actually due to prescription drug abuse. Years ago, truckers more often were arrested for abusing amphetamines and cocaine to stay awake as they drove. However, now there are many prescription drugs that they turn to that lead to crashes.


One of the reasons is that prescription drugs, if obtained legally, are actually legal drugs, so truckers think that they can get away with using them behind the wheel.

The problem is that many prescription drugs can lead to drowsiness and impaired judgement when abused. There also are some prescription drugs that can cause the driver to even pass out behind the wheel. Others cause slower reaction times, which can lead to deadly accidents.

If you are ever in an accident with a big rig and the driver was under the influence, know that he could well be on prescription drugs and is abusing them. Also know that you still may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, even if the drugs involved were prescribed by a doctor. You can contact a Virginia trucking injury attorney to represent your interests.