Big Rig Driver Charged with DUI After Hitting Police Vehicle

A tractor trailer driver in Caryville TN has been charged with drunk driving after he slammed into two law enforcement vehicles on I-75.

The state troopers had stopped on the median to respond to another accident. The big rig driver slammed into one of the cruisers, totaling it, which then was pushed into the other cruiser, which had minor damage.

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Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident. The truck driver was arrested at the scene and charged with DUI.

All commercial truck drivers have a higher responsibility to be safe on our nation’s roads. After all, they are driving a large vehicle that can cause fatal injuries to those in smaller vehicles. We have represented many families of deceased drivers who were killed due to the carelessness of a truck driver.

In one of our largest truck accident settlements in Virginia, a commercial big rig smashed into the back of our client’s car at a stop light in Virginia Beach. The impact was so awful that the young girl in the rear seat suffered major brain damage. The truck driver tried to claim that he had a medical emergency before the accident happened.

However, our Virginia personal injury legal team was able to show that that was not a valid defense. The serious accident was most likely caused by the truck driver failing to pay attention to the road in front of him. Our client, while making a good recovery, has serious brain damage that has led to encephalomalcia, or brain cell death. We were able to secure for her a $26 million settlement that will be used to help to pay for her ongoing medical expenses for life.

We wish that all big rig drivers would take their responsibilities seriously so that these types of terrible accidents would never occur.