Tractor Trailer Hits Pedestrian in Buffalo NY

A tractor trailer struck a pedestrian at a crosswalk in Buffalo NY, leaving the pedestrian with critical injuries.

The New York State Police stated that the accident occurred January 7 at 11 am in Buffalo at the intersection of Bailey Avenue and South Park. They said that the tractor trailer was making a right turn when it hit the pedestrian in the crosswalk.


The woman was rushed to a local hospital where she remains in critical condition.

Our Virginia and North Carolina personal injury attorneys hope that the pedestrian in this accident recovers as quickly as possible. Pedestrian accidents at crosswalks are very common, which is why we often represent these accident victims in personal injury claims.

One of our recent pedestrian accident cases occurred in Norfolk, Virginia when a school teacher was using a crosswalk. She suffered serious lower leg injuries when a distracted driver hit her in the crosswalk. The driver told police that he had looked down for one second and saw our client only when he looked up.

It turned out that our client had a distal fibula fracture, as well as a left calcaneal fracture. He had to undergo several months of physical therapy and also had to wear an orthopedic boot. He had medical expenses of $40,000 and also lost wages from his teaching job as he was receiving medical treatment.

One of the keys to our winning a successful settlement in this case was to carefully analyze Virginia law as it relates to pedestrians and crosswalks. Our research showed that right of way favored our client, and that the driver had not kept a proper look out.

It should be noted that our client told us after settlement that the first personal injury lawyer he contacted refused the case because he thought he could not win. Actually, many car/truck and pedestrian accidents are winnable personal injury cases, given how laws related to crosswalks are written.