Bike Advocates Want Safety Guards on Truck Trailers

Bicycle is on a lot of minds in Massachusetts this month, as state legislators are considering how to make roads safer for bikers. Last week, there was a proposal to mandate safety guards on all big rigs that operate in Massachusetts.

The state has seen several cyclist deaths in recent years that happened when tractor trailers took right turns into bikers they did not see. The biker then is trapped under the trailer and usually dies.

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Bills are pending in the Massachusetts state legislature that would mandate the use of the safety guards on the sides of big rigs, and also blind spot mirrors on every tractor trailer. There also is a bill that would require drivers to allow three feet of space when passing a biker or pedestrian.

Our Virginia and North Carolina personal injury lawyers all hope that more laws are passed in Massachusetts and around the country that would make the roads safer for bikers.

We have seen many tragic serious injuries and deaths with bikers in Virginia where a car or truck driver was careless and caused a traumatic accident. Our office is located in Virginia Beach, and we have seen quite a few accidents in recent years in our city. Virginia state law makes it very clear; bikers have the right to ride on our roads, and of course, bikers are subject to most of the rules that cars and trucks must follow.

Any biker who is hurt in a car or truck accident should consult with a personal injury attorney immediately to see if there is a case for a lawsuit. We have seen how seriously injured a biker can be when struck by a large vehicle. If you have a loved one who was hit and killed on their bike, a wrongful death lawsuit could be possible if the car or truck driver was at fault.