Texas Woman Seeks Damages After Big Rig Accident

A woman from Daingerfield TX is suing a truck driver and his trucking company for a big rig accident that she alleges was caused by his failure to follow proper safety procedures.

The woman  filed the complaint Jan. 5 in the Eastern District of Texas against the driver and CI Transportation Services. The suit alleges that the truck driver was driving his rig on US 259 in TX when he rear ended the plaintiff’s vehicle. The suit states that the truck driver was traveling too fast in foggy conditions, and he did not keep a proper look out before the wreck. Because of the crash, the suit alleges that the plaintiff suffered bodily harm and has a reduced capacity to work.


We certainly hope that the plaintiff in this case has a quick recovery from her injuries from this truck crash. As trucking accident attorneys in Virginia and North Carolina, we know that truck drivers have a higher duty of care than regular drivers when they are on our public roads.

A few years ago, we represented a client who was killed by a negligent truck driver. Our client slid on black ice and his car flipped into the ditch. As he was retrieving personal items from the car, a big rig came along and hit the same black ice, causing the truck to slam into our client’s car, killing him instantly.

Even though the car driver himself had an accident on the same black ice, we successfully argued that the truck driver had a commercial driver’s license, and he should have taken more caution than someone with an ordinary driver’s license. This case was eventually settled after a day-long mediation for $410,000.