Tractor Trailer Rear End Crash Kills 1 in TX

A tractor trailer in Grand Prairie TX rear ended a disabled Ford Mustang on I-30 near Dallas, causing the car to burst into flames. The driver of the Mustang died at the scene.


The Texas State Police stated that the Mustang was hit by the big rig from behind at 12:45 AM on Jan. 29. It was driving slowly due to a tire problem, but the driver had its hazard lights on. The car was dragged by the tractor trailer for several hundred feet until it was pinned against a concrete barrier.

Our Virginia truck accident attorneys offer our deep condolences to the family of the man who lost his life. In our years of suing negligent truck drivers in wrongful death lawsuits, we have seen a few cases very similar to this one.

In 2010, we had a truck crash case in Virginia where the big rig rear ended a car on I-64 that was driving slowly, also due to a tire problem. Our client was trapped in the car as it burst into flame and he died.

The truck driver stated in deposition that he had not seen the car until the last second, but his deposition and what he told the Virginia state troopers were quite different.

The defense attempted to argue that our client caused the crash because he was driving slowly and did not have his hazard lights on. We were able to prove that the Virginia truck driver caused the wreck because he had violated safety rules in the VA CDL manual and he also had poorly controlled diabetes that could have affected his ability to avoid the wreck.

We were able to settle this rear end truck crash in Virginia for $3.5 million. It seems possible that given that the driver in the TX case above had his hazard lights on, there is a strong case for a wrongful death lawsuit. The family of the deceased should find an experienced, Texas personal injury attorney to fight for them.