Pedestrian Killed by Tractor Trailer on I-95

Connecticut State Police have identified the pedestrian who was killed by a tractor trailer on I-95 in Stamford CT.

The state police told the media that at 12:47 pm on Feb. 2, a state trooper received several calls that a pedestrian was hit on the shoulder of I-95 northbound by a big rig. When emergency crews arrived, the victim had already died.


Witnesses said that the pedestrian was walking on the side of the road and the truck clipped him. The investigation is continuing this week.

Our Virginia truck accident attorneys have seen far too many cases where pedestrians are injured or killed by careless truck and car drivers. Most of our clients who were injured by trucks and cars are walking in clearly marked crosswalks, or are on the side of the road. In Virginia, the operator of any vehicle on a road way must yield right of way at any clearly marked crosswalk.

We once represented a pedestrian who was hit by a distracted driver at Old Dominion University. He was walking to a local restaurant to get a cup of coffee when he was struck in the road. He was thrown in the air and knocked unconscious. The pedestrian suffered an orbital fracture on the right side of the face. He had to miss exams and also faced large medical bills.

The insurance company tried to argue that our client had contributed to the accident because he was in an area without a crosswalk. Our truck and car accident law firm is familiar with the tactics that insurance companies attempt avoid paying claims. In the end, we settled this pedestrian accident case in Virginia for $67,500.

The family of the deceased in the above accident should speak to a licensed wrongful death attorney in Connecticut to see if they have a potential case.