Truck Too Wide For Lane in Texas, Killing Two in Crash

A tractor trailer in Bastrop County, Texas was too wide for the lane it was traveling in when it was involved in a deadly crash on FM 535. Two people were killed.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, a Dodge Durango was going westbound on FM 535 on Feb. 9 in the afternoon when the driver slammed into the tractor trailer going the other way. The truck was carrying a wide mobile home, and FM  535 is a narrow two lane road with no shoulders.


The troopers on the scene stated that the road was too narrow for the truck’s load and that the mobile home was in the Dodge’s lane.

The driver of the Dodge and her son were killed. Three other passengers in the SUV were transported to a hospital in Austin.

Criminal charges are pending against the truck driver in this fatal truck accident.

We are sad to see that an improper truck load led to this entirely preventable fatal truck accident. Far too many truck accidents occur because truck drivers and trucking companies are irresponsible in securing their load, and ensuring that the load is of legal size for the road on which the truck is traveling. It was the responsibility of the truck driver and his company to be aware of the travel restrictions for a wide load of this type on Texas highways.

In the US, there are a number of regulations in place for oversized-loads:

  • You must get a permit in the state in which you are driving.
  • You have to share the route. Your route needs to be disclosed to state officials to ensure that it will be done safely.
  • You might have to flag your rig. You need to label the truck as ‘wide load’ and put flags on the truck so other drivers are aware.
  • You could need a pilot vehicle.

According to the CDL manual in Virginia, over width and over length loads must have special transit permits. Driving is normally restricted to certain times of day, and special equipment is required, which includes signs, flashing lights and flags.

If you have been in an accident with a truck carrying a wide load, you should consult with an experienced truck accident attorney in your state immediately.