Three Hurt in Massachusetts When Metal Object Falls Off Truck

Three people were injured yesterday on the Massachusetts Turnpike in Millbury MA, when a large metal object that was improperly secured fell off a moving tractor trailer and hit a car.

The driver and two adult passengers suffered minor injuries and were taken to a local hospital for treatment.


The truck driver has been charged with leaving the scene of a crash that caused personal injury, as well as committing a left lane violation. Investigators told the media that the load on the truck was improperly secured. The trucking company, Instituform Technologies, has been cited by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for a violation.

Our trucking accident personal injury attorneys are relieved that the injuries in this truck accident were not more serious. It is very important for truck drivers to make certain that their load is properly secured, as these types of accidents can lead to serious and fatal injuries.

Truck drivers often work long hours, and are in a hurry to get to their destination so that they can stay on schedule. Companies can lose business if loads do not stay on schedule, so there is definitely pressure on truck drivers to cut corners and keep moving.

Our Virginia truck accident law firm has settled many serious truck accident cases that could have been prevented if the truck driver had used more care. One bad truck accident case occurred in Virginia Beach when the truck driver was in a hurry to pick up food at a restaurant. Unfortunately, he did not see our clients’ car and he basically ran the vehicle over at 40 MPH.

The driver claimed that he had passed out. We were able to show in court that he had no medical condition that could have caused him to faint. He probably just fell asleep.

We settled this Virginia tractor trailer accident for an undisclosed amount in the millions of dollars, which was enough to provide health care for the young child in the accident who suffered a severe brain injury.