$1 Million Settlement Announced in IL Truck Crash

A law firm in Illinois announced last week that it had reached a $1 million settlement with JB Hunt Transport, in a truck crash that left a car driver with severe injuries.

The truck crash occurred in October 2014 on I-270 near Edwardsville IL. The plaintiff suffered left and right wrist fractures, a spleen laceration, fractured sternum, several spinal and rib fractures, and several surgeries were required.


The suit alleged that the tractor trailer driver stopped suddenly on I-270 without warning in heavy traffic, which caused the car driver to slam into the rear of the truck.

The suit also alleged that JB Hunt was negligent in its decision to hire the driver when it knew that both he and the subcontracting company could not safely operate the tractor trailer.

The law firm stated that it is very important that trucking companies be sure that drivers are highly qualified and totally trained before they are allowed to drive 70,000 pound tractor trailers.

Our Virginia attorneys have many years of experience in truck accident cases. In many of these truck accidents, the truck driver has driven in a negligent fashion. For example, many truck driver may drive far beyond the number of hours that they are allowed to in a given week. Or they may be distracted by a cell phone or the radio and get into a very serious accident.

Our trucking accident legal team handle a case a few years ago where a tractor trailer slammed into the back of a car at a stop light. There was a little girl in the back of the car and she suffered life-changing brain trauma.

We were able to show in court that the driver of the truck had most likely fallen asleep behind the wheel. The defense tried to argue that he had a medical condition that caused him to faint, but that was shown to not be the case. We secured a $26 million settlement in this truck accident case.