Truck Worker Sues Lone Star Transportation for Injuries

A man from Hidalgo TX has sued Lone Star Transportation of Galveston, alleging negligence in an accident that caused him to be run over by a tractor trailer.

The worker alleges that he was working on Aug. 31, 2015 as a steering truck operator assisting with the movement of an oversize tractor trailer that is owned by Lone Star Transportation. The suit claims that the accident happened when the plaintiff radioed the truck driver that he was going to fix the tail lights on the trailer but the truck driver then backed over the plaintiff six times with the axles of the trailer, causing extensive crush injuries and trauma.


The former worker is seeking damages of more than $1 million for his physical injuries and financial losses.

This is an unfortunate workplace accident case that was entirely preventable. The Commercial Driver’s Manual for Virginia, which bears similarities to those of other states, states that truck drivers must exercise extreme caution when backing up their trailer and to communicate carefully with anyone behind the trailer in this type of situation.

Our workplace injury attorneys in Virginia once handled a case involving a forklift worker who suffered a foot crush injury. Another worker who worked for a third party company backed the forklift onto her foot.

The woman suffered extreme damages to her foot that could not be repaired by surgery. Insurance companies like to minimize any claims that do not involve surgery; they argue that the pain and permanent injuries in these cases are not worth a significant amount.

We were able to use an American Medical Association  evaluation of permanent impairment that was done at our request, to help prove the permanent residual aspects of for this injury.

That workplace injury case was settled for $100,000, and the workers’ compensation case was handled separately entirely-we handled what is called the third-party case while she was receiving her Worker’s Compensation. This means that her future medical expenses should still be covered in the workers’ compensation case.

We are called upon to handle negligence cases against all sort of industries and many of these cases involve situations where our client is receiving Worker’s Compensation, but has a right to pursue an action against a third-party unrelated to their employer.