FMCSA Criticized for Allowing Too Many Safety Exemptions

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has criticized the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration this month for issuing trucking companies too many safety rule exemptions.

According to the CVSA, the FMCSA has issued far too many exemptions from standing safety rules that create too much work for roadside safety inspectors. For example, the organization noted that the FMCSA has granted more than 20 exemption applications in the last year.


Some of the exemptions include various truck equipment, such as mounting video devices to the windshield, and record of duty status exemptions.

CVSA states that the high number of exemptions are putting too much burden on inspectors, which makes proper training more difficult. It also stated that there are so many exemptions that some roadside inspectors may not properly enforce critical safety regulations due to lack of time during an inspection.

It concluded that while it does not object to exemptions per se, but the sheer number of them have complicated enforcement and can undermine tractor trailer safety regulations.

Our truck accident lawyers who handle cases in North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia are concerned that the FMCSA is issuing so many exemptions to existing safety rules. The rules help to ensure that all trucks are driven and maintained safely, to prevent deadly accident.

A vital safety regulation in the FMCSA rules in Section 393, which details the parts that are needed to operate a truck safely. Many trucking companies violate this rule to save money. It is very important that the safety inspector has the time and the patience to make certain that the truck in question is in full compliance with Section 393.

We once handled a truck crash case that resulted in a $650,000 verdict due in part to the truck’s tires being too worn and bald to stop safely. These safety rules must be strictly enforced to save lives.