Man Killed by Tractor Trailer At Loading Dock

A man died yesterday at a Columbus OH loading dock when he was struck by a tractor trailer that was backing up into the loading area.

The Columbus OH police stated that the man was an employee of Terminal Properties Ohio LLC and became pinned between the tractor trailer and the loading dock. He was taken to the hospital after the accident with broken ribs, but he died a few hours later.


Our experience as truck accident personal injury attorneys in Virginia tells us that these types of preventable tragedies occur all too often. Each state has a commercial driver’s manual that details how truck drivers need to dispatch their duties. The Virginia Commercial Driver’s Manual is very specific about how to back up safely with a tractor trailer:

  • The CDL manual notes that backing up a big rig is always dangerous and requires extreme caution.
  • Look at your path before you start to back up: Get out of the truck and check clearances carefully.
  • Turn on your four way flashers and blow your horn before backing up.
  • Back very slowly with the lowest reverse gear.
  • Back and turn towards the driver’s side. This allows you to see behind you better.
  • Use an assistant. He or she can check your blind spots. They should stand where they can view the rear and where the driver can see the assistant.

In the above accident, there should have been an assistant in addition to the person behind the truck to ensure that the backing procedure was being done safely. Most trucking companies also have specific safety rules that apply to backing up a trailer into a loading dock. It is unfortunate that basic safety rules were not followed in this case.

The family of the victim should consult with an experienced attorney because in addition to a possible workers compensation claim, the man’s estate may have a meritorious wrongful death lawsuit case against a third party company responsible for contributing to his death. An experienced truck accident and workplace injury attorney can often help the family to secure large settlement in this type of case.