Florida Trucker Sought in Hit and Run Accident

The Florida State Police are on the hunt for a tractor trailer driver who smashed into a car in Manatee County FL on SR 70 and then fled the scene.

The police stated that the tractor trailer slammed into a 2003 Oldsmobile on SR 70 west of Sugar Bowl Road. The big rig was pulling a green fruit trailer when it drifted into opposing traffic and hit the car.


The truck kept going, while the Oldsmobile flew off the road and hit a tree and fence. The driver and the occupant suffered non-life threatening injuries.

As Virginia truck accident lawyers, we are glad that this woman and her passenger suffered only minor injuries. However, due to the fact that the truck driver fled the scene, he has committed a serious violation of Florida law. Florida Statute 316.027  states that the driver of a vehicle involved in a crash that results in injury must immediately stop and provide assistance. Anyone who has not stopped has committed a third degree felony in Florida.

Also, the CDL Manual for Virginia, which is similar to Florida’s, states that a truck driver who is involved in an accident is required to call the police immediately and to provide assistance for the injured. When this truck driver for this truck accident is caught and if convicted, it is possible that he will lose his CDL license, and jail time is a possibility.

In addition, the innocent parties injured in this accident could be entitled to compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. Truck drivers who neglect their duties and injure other drivers often face not only jail time, but also large civil judgments against them. An experienced Florida truck crash attorney could assist this family to recover substantial financial damages.