Tractor Trailer Crash in Fog Leaves 1 Seriously Injured

A man in Torrington, Connecticut was seriously injured in a wreck with a tractor trailer last week.

The accident happened in Torrington at 3:45 AM at the intersection of Kennedy Drive and Winsted.


Police stated that the truck driver apparently overshot the intersection and was backing up into the street when the car driver slammed into the trailer. The man, whose name has not been released yet, was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries.

One of the most dangerous conditions to drive in for all drivers is fog. This is doubly the case for commercial truck drivers. Fog reduces our ability to see ahead and behind us, and it requires extra caution behind the wheel.

The Virginia Commercial Driver’s Manual stresses the importance of truck drivers being very careful in foggy conditions. It notes that fog reflects light back into your eyes, and that you should only use your low beams. Also, even light fog reduces the ability to see and judge distances. The manual states that truck drivers ideally should pull over in foggy conditions and wait for it to clear.

Also, truck drivers driving in fog should reduce speed, obey all fog warning signs and be prepared for sudden stops.

By the description of the accident above, it sounds possible that the truck driver was going too fast for conditions and did not see the intersection until it was too late.

When a commercial truck driver violates the rules of the road for commercial vehicles and hurts someone, both he and the trucking company need to be held responsible. Our Virginia truck accident lawyers represented a family whose children were seriously injured by a truck driver who probably fell asleep behind the wheel. He rear ended their vehicle and caused serious brain injuries to two little girls.

While those girls will never be the same, the $5.5 million settlement we obtained will help to provide them with necessary medical care for years to come.