Truck Driver Sues Another Truck Driver for Crash Injuries

A truck driver in Belleville, WI is suing a another truck driver and his company, alleging negligence for injuries that the truck driver says that he suffered in a head-on crash with another truck.



The lawsuit has been filed in Wisconsin’s St. Clair County Circuit Court against James Poshard & Sons, Inc., and Jonathan Shealey, the truck driver.

The suit alleges that on March 20, 2014, the plaintiff was driving his rig southbound on US Route 231, and Shealey was driving his rig northbound. The suit documents state that Shealey operated his truck negligently and crossed the center line, slamming into the plaintiff’s truck.

The plaintiff claims that the other driver failed to keep his vehicle on the right side of the road and failed to keep a proper lookout. The suit contends that Shealey was driving while he was fatigued, and also was allegedly taking a narcotic substance or medication. The filed court documents also claim that Shealey was looking at his cell phone while driving.

The plaintiff claims that he suffered fractures, sprains, bruising, lacerations, and also has had loss of sleep, depression and anxiety since the crash.

Our Virginia truck crash attorneys wish that all truck drivers would take seriously the importance of driving when they are alert and fit to drive. The Virginia Commercial Driver’s Manual makes it very clear: You should only drive a tractor trailer when you are well rested and able to drive safely.

All truck drivers should get rest during their off duty times and should schedule their trips when they have had proper rest. Even if you must work at night, it is your responsibility to make sure that you have had seven or eight hours of sleep before you drive.

When a truck driver acts negligently, he or she can cause serious and even fatal accidents. Inattention to detail, driving while tired, or not paying attention to the road can be deadly, as in this case that we settled for $3.5 million.

While we were pleased with the settlement in that truck crash fatality case, we wish these cases would never happen at all. No amount of money will ever bring the victim back to their loved ones.