Wisconsin Man Sues Trucker for Serious Injury

A man from Columbia WI is suing a trucker and his company after his big rig crashed into his house and caused him serious injuries.

The man filed the lawsuit in February in St.Clair County Circuit Court in Wisconsin against the truck driver from New Berlin, as well as John Dowson Inc.

The complaint states that the truck driver was driving the truck in Cahokia WI and failed to control the truck. The complaint notes that the truck swerved left off the road, drove across two front yards and slammed into two utility poles and the house at 415 Water St., where the man was asleep in his bed.


The lawsuit documents state that the crash pushed the house from the foundation and threw the plaintiff from his bed and caused him several serious injuries. The man is seeking more than $50,000 in damages.

Whatever the cause of this serious truck accident, as Virginia truck crash attorneys, we want to remind all truck drivers that it is their responsibility to make certain that they are fit to drive and are paying attention to the road. The Virginia CDL manual stresses that it is very important for truck drivers to get enough rest when they are off duty so that you are fit to drive.

Also, the VA CDL manual states that drivers should carefully follow the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations regarding hours of service and off duty time. Truck drivers also should never be distracted by their cell phone, the radio, or anything else when driving. Further, truck drivers should make sure that any medical condition that they suffer from is under full control so that they are fit to drive.

We had a truck crash settlement for $650,000 in January 2016, where the truck driver had uncontrolled epilepsy and caused a very serious accident that left our client with serious injuries. Such accidents should never happen, and we hope all truckers will make sure that they are fit to drive so serious accidents can be avoided.