Big Rig Driver Arrested in Alabama Crash That Killed Three

A truck driver based out of Houston TX that has been accused of causing a 10 vehicle wreck in Montgomery AL last year that killed three has been arrested.

The truck driver, Khoury Thomas, 47, was indicted this week by a grand jury in Montgomery County AL on three counts of criminally negligent homicide. He was arrested this week and is being held on $5000 bond.

A family from Swansboro NC was killed in the crash: Christine Edwards, 49; Dedrick Edwards, 50; and their son Edward, 10. All died in the high speed wreck in Montgomery on I-65.

When the wreck happened, traffic was slowed due to debris on the highway. Signs along the highway warned all drivers that traffic had slowed ahead. Witnesses stated that they saw traffic slowing and the truck driver should have slowed down as well.

They told investigators that the truck driver never slowed. He did not apply his brakes, and slammed into the rear of the Edwards’ vehicle, which caused their vehicle to slam into several others. The entire family died at the scene.


Our team of Virginia truck accident lawyers is very sorry to see the loss of life in this terrible accident, and we wish that more truck drivers would learn to take their public safety responsibilities more seriously. A truck going at highway speed takes several hundred feet to slow down, so it is very important that the truck driver is looking at least 10 seconds ahead at highway speed so as to be aware of changing conditions ahead.

The VA CDL manual states that driving too fast for conditions is what causes most fatal truck accidents. At 55 MPH, it will take at least four seconds to stop a fully loaded rig, and the truck will travel over 300 feet before it stops. That is longer than a football field. Obviously the truck driver needs to be looking for slowed traffic ahead on the highway to avoid serious accidents.

Truck drivers who do not pay attention to road conditions do not just kill and injure people and often end up in jail: They also get sued for wrongful death. We once represented a family whose father was killed on a Virginia highway when he was driving slowly after a tire blowout. The truck driver did not see the slowed vehicle in time and killed our client upon impact. We won the family a $3.5 million settlement in that tractor trailer rear end crash.