Dump Truck Slams Into Miami Cab, Kills 1

A 65 year old woman from Miami FL died last week when a city dump truck slammed into her taxi cab.

The woman lived alone in Little Havana, a few miles from where she died. She frequently used cabs to run errands.

The Miami police told the media that the dump truck slammed into the taxicab at full speed, which was stopped in Miami at Northwest 17th Ave. and Seventh St. The truck, which was captured on surveillance video, never slowed down and smashed into the rear of the cab at least at a speed of 50 MPH.


The deadly dump truck wreck involved 11 vehicles and injured 10 people. Four people were taken to the hospital in serious condition. The truck driver was cited for a minor traffic violation last year but had no previous record.

Our Virginia truck crash attorneys truly regret that this tragic crash happened. The video of the crash is truly alarming, as it appeared that the truck driver never slowed down and hit the cab at full speed. This would lead us to believe that the driver fell asleep behind the wheel.

Our experience tells us that drivers falling asleep behind the wheel causes 75% of big rig crashes. This is despite the fact that national rules limit the number of hours that truck drivers can operate big rigs.

The Virginia CDL manual stresses how important it is that truck drivers never drive more than they should legally, and to get a good amount of rest when they are not driving. If they do not, tragedy can result, which can lead to wrongful death lawsuits with major financial settlements for the grieving family.