NJ Woman Rear Ended by Tractor Trailer

A woman in Union NJ was ejected from her vehicle when she was rear ended by a tractor trailer on Route 78. Although she was ejected, she suffered only non-life threatening injuries and is in a local hospital in stable condition.

The New Jersey State Police stated that the woman was driving her Honda Odyssey minivan slowly in traffic when the tractor trailer behind her apparently did not slow down and rear ended her.

Charges are pending against the truck driver.


Our Virginia truck accident attorneys always are angered to see truck crashes occur that apparently involve either driver inattention or driver fatigue. The Virginia CDL manual makes it very clear that truck drivers are obligated to make certain that they have had enough rest, to rest during their off duty time, do not take medications that make you sleepy, and never exceed their legally allowed number of hours to drive their rig in a day or a week.

When truck drivers cause serious accidents due to their own inattention, fatigue or negligence, they can be sued for damages in civil court. We often do exactly that, such as in this case where a truck driver’s inattention and failure to control his diabetes led to a massive wreck in VA that killed our client.

We showed in court that the truck driver had violated VA CDL manual rules and we found out that the driver had not controlled his diabetes, which led to him being disoriented as he drove. That netted the grieving family a $3.5 million award, which will help to support the children of the deceased. But it would be better if such accidents never happened.