Tractor Trailer Driver Guilty in Biker’s Death

A big rig driver in Hanover VA has been found guilty in the death of a bicyclist. According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, a judge convicted a truck driver of Fayetteville NC in the death of an 18 year-old biker last June.

According to court records, the truck driver and victim were both going north in the right lane of US 1 June 7, when the trucker’s rig swiped the woman’s bike, which sent her tumbling to the ground, and the truck ran her over. The 18 year old was dead at the scene.


The truck driver stated that he was about 200 feet behind the woman when he first saw her. He will be sentenced in June.

All of our truck accident lawyers in North Carolina and Virginia are sad to see that yet another innocent life has been lost to a negligent truck driver. The Virginia CDL manual stresses that truck drivers need to be looking far ahead on the road so they can see what is coming. Trucks take up more space on the roadway and take longer to stop, so it is very important for truckers to be aware of potential obstacles ahead.