Truck Driver Kills 1 and Injures 2 in Tennessee Crash

A truck crash involving a flipped tractor trailer and a Tennessee Department of Transportation truck killed a TN state worker, injured two others, and shut down I-40 for several hours in the Centerville TN area last week.

The truck crash happened on I-40 west near mile marker 155 in Hickman County.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol stated that a TDOT worker died, two more were injured, and the truck driver who caused the wreck also was hurt. They added that the crash is being treated as a criminal investigation due to the truck driver’s negligence.


The police stated that the TDOT crew was going to a job when one of their tires blew out on I-40. All of the workers were out of the truck on the shoulder when the tractor trailer swerved off the road and slammed into them.

The TDOT Commissioner, John Schroer last week noted that its employees work on Tennessee freeways every day and risk their lives. He also stated that motorists should always use great caution when they see maintenance trucks on the side of the road.

Our truck crash attorneys serving Virginia and West Virginia mourn with the people of Tennessee for the life that was lost in this tragic truck crash. It sounds possible that the truck driver fell asleep behind the wheel or was otherwise distracted, leading to this tragic wreck.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration tells us that 750 people die each year from negligent truck drivers falling asleep while driving. Even though there are strict federal rules about the number of hours a truck driver can drive in a day and in a week, the fact is that truckers are still paid by the mile. So, there are always going to be truckers and trucking companies that push the rules.

When the worst happens and a truck crash takes an innocent life, the grieving family should not be satisfied with a mere criminal conviction. They can and should file a wrongful death lawsuit, because in a case where the trucker was clearly negligent, a multi million dollar settlement is possible. This money can help the family replace the income of the lost family member and ensure that his or her children get the care and education they need to live a normal life.