West Virginia Man Suing Two Truck Drivers for Injuries

A man from Wheeling WV and his son have filed a personal injury lawsuit against two tractor trailer drivers that allegedly hit their vehicle on the side of the road when they had car trouble.

The lawsuit was filed in Ohio County Circuit Court in West Virginia against Matheson Postal Services, alleging negligence, reckless driving and personal injury liability.

The complaint states that the man and his son were parked on the side of I-70 in West Virginia with car problems when the truck driver hit their vehicle and then fled the scene. Both men suffered injuries and their car was damaged. Another tractor trailer then came along and also hit their vehicle, causing more injuries and property damage.


The suit alleges that some of both men’s injuries could be permanent and they are seeking a jury trial, as well as punitive and compensatory damages.

As Virginia and West Virginia truck accident attorneys, we implore that truck drivers always follow the CDL manual for their state when it comes to operating their trucks in a safe manner. The Virginia CDL manual notes that truck drivers need to protect the area when a car is disabled or if there is an accident. Truck drivers need to move over and slow down when there are disabled vehicles on the shoulder of the highway.

Truck drivers also need to make certain that they are alert and fit to drive at all times. There really is no excuse for not seeing a disabled vehicle on the interstate; perhaps one or both of the truck drivers was distracted while driving?

Truck drivers who kill or injure innocent drivers and passengers can not only lose their commercial driver’s license and possibly do jail time in some cases: They also can be sued for wrongful death and injuries that their reckless driving causes. We hope that this truck accident with personal injury serves as a lesson for other truck drivers to move over when a vehicle is disabled on the roadway.