Big Rig Stopped on I-70 in MO Leads to Woman’s Death

A tractor trailer on I-70 in St. Charles County, Missouri missed its exit and stopped in the left lane of the interstate, which led to a fatal crash that killed a young woman who ran into the rear of the big rig.

The Missouri Highway Patrol stated that the victim in the rear end truck crash was Lauren D. Smith, 29, from Warrenton, Missouri.

Police said Smith was driving the car Monday evening when she slammed into the truck that stopped on the interstate. Police cited the trucker for careless and imprudent driving.


Police also said that the truck driver stopped in the left lane and tried to execute several lane changes to get off of I-70 after he passed the exit.

Our Virginia truck accident attorneys know that, unfortunately, truck driver negligence causes wrongful death all too often.

Stopping on the interstate without good cause is a gross violation of safety and good judgement. It is also against the law of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Rather than go to the next exit and turn around, the driver wanted to save a few minutes. Because of his negligence an innocent woman died.

Irresponsible truck drivers and their companies can be sued for wrongful death in these types of situations. For example, our law firm settled a wrongful death truck crash lawsuit for $3.5 million in 2010.   And cases are usually stronger when the truck driver is cited for a moving violation in the crash, as in the Missouri wrongful death accident.