FedEx Driver Arrested for Drunk Driving and Injuring State Trooper

A 41 year-old San Lorenzo CA man was arrested over the weekend for suspected DUI after smashing his Federal Express big rig into a California Highway Patrol officer at a crash scene near Sacramento.

The trucker, Gregory Anthony Ramirez, drove his FedEx truck into the crash scene at 3:10 AM on Highway 50 near the 16th St. exit in Sacramento. This seriously injured a police officer who was already working a crash scene on the freeway. The trucker was taken to a state highway patrol station and arrested.

Witnesses stated that the FedEx driver either hit the officer directly or struck his vehicle, which then hit the officer. The name of the trooper has not been released at this time.


Our Virginia truck crash and DUI attorneys hope that this state trooper recovers quickly from his injuries. All states, including Virginia and California, have some form of a “Move Over’ law that mandates that drivers move over or slow down when approaching stationary emergency vehicles with their lights flashing. It is tragic that this allegedly drunk truck driver was so reckless and needlessly injured an innocent police officer.

If you ever are injured by a negligent truck driver, you should know that the trucking company and their insurance company will usually send out a team of lawyers and insurance adjusters to the crash scene and try to reduce or deny your claim. That is why we have put together this detailed legal guide called the Truck Accident Injury Guide so you know what to do if you ever are in this situation.

A truck crash victim who is well informed and contacts an experienced truck crash attorney can often successfully sue the trucker and his company for millions of dollars. This is something to remember if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being hit by a careless truck driver.