Bus Crash in Texas Kills 8

A bus in Texas rolled over and crashed on a Texas freeway over the weekend killed eight people, and investigators have determined that the bus had anti-lock brakes but they were inactive when the crash occurred.

However, NTSB investigators stated that the bus was not required to have ABS because it was manufactured before federal regulations mandated the systems. No conclusion has been made by crash investigators yet as to what caused the fatal bus wreck.


Investigators added that the brakes were functioning when the crash occurred.

Several passengers were pronounced dead at the crash scene and an eighth person died at the hospital. The bus had seat belts only for people in the first row.

The bus crash happened on May 14 near Laredo TX in Webb County, and 44 people were injured, in addition to the eight fatalities.

The NTSB will continue to investigate what caused the crash.

Commercial bus accidents are unique and complex events, and are quite different from car accidents. As truck and bus accident attorneys in Virginia, we know that you will have to deal with a large mass transit corporation, their attorneys and multiple insurance companies.

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As the NTSB continues to investigate the above Texas bus crash, we hope that it soon becomes clear what caused this tragedy. Whether it was caused by a system failure on the bus, driver fatigue or something else, dozens of people and their families will have a strong personal injury lawsuit case and should retain experienced counsel.

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