Tractor Trailer Hits Woman in Maine Crosswalk

A woman in Rockport, Maine suffered non-life-threatening injuries when a tractor trailer struck her in a crosswalk.

The truck accident occurred on May 17 at 1 PM. Police said that the truck driver was turning left onto Main Street when he struck Louise Demers, 64. The truck driver did not see Demers, who was crossing in front of him in the crosswalk.

The woman was taken to a local hospital for medical treatment.

Any time a car or truck accident happens that involves a pedestrian, the personal injuries are usually serious and can be fatal.

In most car or truck accidents that involve a pedestrian, state law requires that the the pedestrian normally must yield the right of way to vehicles driving on the road. Of course, a major exception to this rule involves pedestrians crossing at crosswalks, which is apparently what occurred in the Maine accident.

When a pedestrian is crossing a road where the speed limit is under 35, most state laws require that the vehicle change course, slow down or stop – whatever is needed to allow the pedestrian to cross safely.

Personal injuries that occur in crosswalks usually favor the injury victim. Our crosswalk accident attorneys in Virginia have won six figure settlements in the past for clients injured in crosswalk accidents. These accidents are often complex and require the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney.