Allegedly Drunk Trucker Kills 2 in Maine

A logging truck driver who killed two people in Knox County, Maine in March was in court this week. He has been charged with two counts of manslaughter and operating under the influence.

The allegedly drunk truck driver, Randall Weddle, 53, was driving a rig loaded with logs that allegedly caused the deadly accident on Route 17 in Washington ME. He was arrested in Virginia and brought back to Maine to face felony charges. He may face more charges later; he currently is being held on $100,000 bail.

Paul Fowles, 74, and another driver were killed in the crash. The truck driver suffered minor injuries.


All of our personal injury attorneys in Virginia wish that all truckers would stop doing reckless things that kill other people. Nothing is more reckless than driving a loaded big rig and doing it while intoxicated.

There are consequences for driving under the influence for commercial truck drivers, including losing their commercial driver’s license for the first offense for one year, and losing it permanently for a second offense.

If the drunk driver injures or kills someone however, the consequences are severe. Drunk drivers are something that no one in our law office has any patience with, especially when the allegedly drunk driver is someone with a commercial driver’s license. Each person who drives a tractor trailer for a living has a special obligation to discharge their duties carefully. We regularly sue convicted drunk drivers in civil court for personal injuries and wrongful death. So, if you are a truck driver convicted of injuring or killing an innocent person, you also can be sued in civil court. We advise that you reconsider getting behind the wheel of an 18  wheeler after you drink alcohol.