One Trucker Sues Another for Injuries After Alleged Improper Stopping

A truck driver and his wife in Harrisburg PA have filed a personal injury lawsuit against Arizona Transportation LLC and driver Enes Tuhcic, claiming that his right of way violation on I-81 in PA led to a serious accident that left both seriously injured.

Edgar Bedoya and Norma Bedoya filed the suit on May 13 alleging that Tuhcic parked his rig on the right shoulder of Interstate 81, which was part of the plaintiff’s lane of travel.

The complaint states that on Oct. 29 2014, Edgar Bedoya was driving northbound on I-81 when he saw the other rig parked in his lane of travel. The plaintiff tried to slow down but he slammed into the rear of the other big rig. The complaint states that the driver and his wife suffered serious injuries including a broken ankle, rib fractures, closed head injury and more.

The plaintiffs are holding Tuhcic and his company liable because allegedly the defendants should have known that the lane they were parked in was for northbound passengers.


Our Virginia truck crash attorneys want the public to be aware that trucks can cause serious truck crashes even when they are not moving. We have seen truck crashes in Virginia where truck drivers have been charged with improper stopping, which led to a serious wreck.

The problem of improper stopping on highways and shoulders is growing and is leading to more and more crashes. While it is totally legal to stop on the shoulder in an emergency, it is illegal and dangerous to park on the shoulder to rest or for any other non-emergency situation.

If you ever rear end a truck that has possibly stopped improperly on the interstate or highway, you should consult with an experienced truck crash attorney that has settled truck crash cases for large settlements in the past.