Truckers Have Fewer and Fewer Places to Pull Over In PA

Parking for big rigs is becoming a real problem in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, just as it is in other parts of the country.

In the Valley area, the problem has gotten especially acute due to many new warehouses being built. Major growth in freight-based businesses in this region is to blame. This has led to a severe shortfall of necessary places for truck drivers to pull over to get their federally required rest; after 11 hours behind the wheel, truckers are required by law to stop and rest.

According to Dante Staciokas, director of CDL workforce and community education at Lehigh Carbon Community College, at least 20,000 roadside parking places for trucks are needed in the Lehigh Valley area.


The demand for warehouse space in the Valley area has increased dramatically in the last six months, according to local business officials.

Meanwhile, the national demand for new trucker drivers is on the rise; estimates are that at least 890,000 new truck drivers will be needed in the next 8 years. This is going to lead to a serious shortage of roadside parking around the US if something is not done soon.

We as Virginia truck crash attorneys have been alarmed as we have seen more and more rear end crashes involving tractor trailers pulled over on the side of the road. Some of these rear end truck crashes even lead to fatalities.

While it is good that truckers are getting the rest they need to drive safely, we are concerned about the lack of proper truck parking along many highways in this state and beyond.

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