Tractor Trailer Driver Accused in Fatal Crash Was Arrested 55 Times Before

A tractor trailer driver who allegedly caused a fatal crash in Elizabeth NJ, and has been accused in the death of a 24 year old man, has been arrested 55 times before and violated parole seven times. 

When he was arrested on July 10 after the fatal New Jersey truck crash, police smelled alcohol on his breath.


The 24 year old man was killed that night when the tractor trailer was being chased by police. The truck slammed head on into the other vehicle, killing the man instantly.

Two passengers were in the vehicle with the man and both suffered serious injuries.

The truck driver is facing aggravated manslaughter charges, as well as death by auto and aggravated assault charges.

The big rig driver resides in Colorado but he was arrested dozens of times in California. He faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted on all charges.

Our View

Our personal injury law firm frequently works on civil lawsuits in truck crash cases, and we are saddened by the apparent careless disregard for the lives of others that this truck driver showed in New Jersey. Anyone who has been injured or had a loved one killed by a truck driver who drives in such a manner should not be satisfied with a criminal conviction.

They also should sue the truck driver and the trucking company in civil court in a wrongful death lawsuit. It is incredible to us that this truck driver was still able to be hired after being arrested so many times. It is possible that the trucking company could have to pay out a large financial settlement in a civil lawsuit. We hope the family strongly considers it, as it is a deterrent to other drivers acting in such a reckless manner.