Truck Injures 3 on I-85 in South Carolina

Three people in Oconee County, South Carolina were injured on I-85 when their van was hit by a tractor trailer on July 19, according to the South Carolina Highway Patrol. 

The state police stated that the big rig was changing lanes and made contact with the van, which ran off onto the shoulder, rolled and came to rest on its roof.


The van driver and its two passengers were taken to a local hospital with personal injuries that are not clearly yet known.

The police gave the truck driver a ticket for improper lane change.

Our View

Our Virginia truck accident attorneys hope that all occupants of the van in this truck accident will be okay. All commercial truck drivers have a duty to the public to drive safely and responsibly. The Virginia Commercial Driver’s Manual, which is similar to most other commercial driver’s manuals for other states, stresses that truck drivers should pass with caution: 

  • Check side mirrors for traffic approaching from behind.
  • Check ahead, is there enough room to pass?
  • Use your turn signal
  • Just before you pass, check your mirrors and blind spots to make sure it is safe to pass.

The manual also states that managing space as a truck driver is  very important, given the size of a tractor trailer.

When Virginia tractor trailer drivers fail to drive their vehicles safely and injure innocent drivers and passengers, a civil lawsuit often is necessary so that the victims can be compensated for their pain and suffering. Virginia truck companies have tough insurance companies and will usually fight hard to minimize payouts, but an experienced and aggressive truck accident attorney can often win large financial settlements that help the innocent victims to recover.