Louisiana Truck Driver Gets 5 Years in Prison for 5-Death Crash

The truck driver from Louisiana who caused a crash on I-16 in Georgia that killed five nursing students received a five year prison sentence last week. 

The truck driver pleaded guilty to nine counts, five of which were for first degree vehicular homicide. He also received five years of probation in addition to the five year sentence.

The trucker admitted that he was using his cell phone to send sexually provocative text messages just before the crash happened. However, he denied using the phone when the crash occurred.


During the trial, the trucker stated that he was cruising at 70 MPH when he saw tail lights in front of him. He stated that he did not stop, although he could not explain why.

A grand jury indicted both the truck driver and his trucking company, Total Transportation, in June.

Our View

Our Virginia truck crash attorneys are truly saddened that yet five more lives have been ended far before their time because of a reckless truck driver. While we do not know definitively why the trucker did not stop in traffic, it is likely that he was distracted for some reason, be it his cell phone, radio or some other distraction.

Our truck crash lawyers frequently represent seriously injured clients from truck crashes who desperately need funds to recover from their injuries. We won a $5.5 million settlement for a family a few years ago whose car was rear ended by a distracted truck driver. This led to serious injuries for both of their young children. 

Those who have been harmed by a reckless truck driver always should consider taking civil legal action against the trucker and his company so that their medical needs are taken care of.