Man Dies When Tractor Trailer Spills Sewage on Georgia Highway

An 80 year old man from Laurens County, Georgia died after a four vehicle wreck on Highway 96 in Georgia when a tractor trailer hauling raw sewage spilled its load, causing several vehicles to slide.


The man who died in the accident has been identified as Hubert Lewis McGahee, 80, of East Dublin.

The state police stated that the big rig was hauling a tanker of human waste when it began to spill its load on the highway between mile marker 1 and 2. A 2008 Ford truck behind the truck lost control in the waste spill and crossed the center line. That truck hit McGahee’s truck head on, killing him on impact.

Charges are pending against the tractor trailer driver.

Our View

Our Virginia truck crash attorneys are saddened that a man lost his life in this preventable truck accident. As noted in our state’s commercial driver’s manual, a tank vehicle must be inspected by the driver before he starts his day.

When checking the safety of the tank, the driver should: 

  • Check the body of the tank for leaks.
  • Check all intake, discharge and cut off valves, making sure they are in the right position before moving the truck.
  • Check pipes and hoses for leaks.
  • Check the manhole covers and vents and make sure all covers have gaskets and close properly.

By carefully inspecting the truck before he started driving, this accident may have been avoided.

The grieving family of this innocent driver killed in this Georgia truck accident could benefit from speaking to a personal injury attorney skilled and experienced with trucking wreck cases. It is the responsibility of the trucker and his company to be certain that the tanker truck was fit for the road, and they apparently did not do so. A wrongful death lawsuit could bring needed financial help to the family as they deal with their loss.