North Carolina Woman Killed by Log Truck

A 69 year old driver died in Autryville, North Carolina on July 13 when her Buick was hit head on by a log truck. 

The North Carolina Highway Patrol stated that a van was driving south on US 421 and stopped to turn left when it was rear ended by the log truck. The van was sent flying off the road into a parking lot.

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The log truck ran off the road and ran head on into a Buick, killing the driver. The van driver was not hurt.


The log truck driver has been charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle. In this case, inattention of a driver killed a North Carolina Teen.

Our View

Our trucking accident attorneys who work in North Carolina and Virginia work on all too many truck crash cases where the truck driver apparently was distracted. While this news report does not tell the details, it is clear that the log truck driver was not paying attention to the road and it led to an innocent man’s death. Another common cause of trucking accidents is faulty equipment.

Every truck driver has a high obligation to drive their truck safely and to pay attention to the road when they are driving. For those drivers who do not, they can end up not only going to prison, but can be sued for millions of dollars in a wrongful death lawsuit. Even in accidents involving black ice, a truck driver may be liable.

Our truck crash attorneys successfully sue truck drivers and their companies when they drive in a negligent fashion, and win multi-million dollar settlements. That serious consequence hopefully will warn other truck drivers to drive responsibly.