1 Dead, 5 Injured in Van-Tractor Trailer Crash

A van carrying a high school water polo team in Custar OH was hit by a tractor trailer at an intersection, killing one student and injuring five others. 

The Ohio State Highway Patrol stated that on Aug. 8, a high school van driven by a teacher was driving west on State Route 281 when she stopped at a stop sign at State Road 65 in Henry County. She pulled the van out onto the highway and was hit by a tractor trailer on the passenger side. There is no stop sign on State Road 65.


One student was pronounced dead at the scene and the others had minor injuries. They were transported to a local hospital.

Our View

Our Virginia personal injury damage attorneys are saddened that this truck/van accident occurred. It is not known why the van driver pulled out into the road when the tractor trailer was approaching. For whatever reason, the van driver did not see the truck or was distracted by something.

The parents of the deceased will probably have questions about what to do legally after this tragic truck accident. The family has the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the school district and against the driver.

The family has a right to sue for personal injury damages, including funeral and burial expenses, pain and suffering and possibly punitive damages depending upon the situation.

If the family of the deceased knows the driver, this could present an uncomfortable situation, but the fact is that the lawsuit that is filed will most likely tap the insurance policies that the driver and the school district have. The family would be compensated by those policies, so they should not hesitate to file suit.