Suspended License Truck Driver Injures 1 in North Carolina Wreck

A pick up truck driver was injured on Aug. 24 in Pittsfield NC when his truck was hit by a tractor trailer driving on a suspended license. 

The big rig driver hit the pick up truck in Pittsfield at the intersection of East Street and Hubbard Ave, trapping the driver inside. Meanwhile, the tractor trailer driver was arrested and arraigned on a charge of unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and a civil motor vehicle infraction of failing to stop and yield.


The police reported that that pick up truck was hit at the intersection by the tractor trailer that failed to stop at a red light. The tractor trailer driver admitted that he was distracted and caused the crash. He also claimed that he did not know his commercial driver’s license was suspended.

The pick up driver was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries.

Our View

Our truck accident attorneys who are licensed in North Carolina represent many accident victims who have been severely injured by a distracted truck driver. If you have been hurt in a truck crash by a distracted driver, you should read our Distracted Driving free guide. It tells you about the distracted driving laws in North Carolina and Virginia, and what your legal rights are.

In the above accident, the pick up driver should have a very strong personal injury case, given the facts that the big rig driver admitted he was distracted, he was cited at the scene by police, and he had a suspended license.