Likely Rear End Truck Crash Kills Child in Georgia

A tractor trailer apparently rear ended a school bus in Valdosta GA yesterday, killing a 15 year old female student and injuring 11 others. 

The tragic crash happened on I-75, and a life flight helicopter was brought in to transport the critically injured student, but she was too unstable for flight. She died on the way to the hospital in an ambulance.


While the Georgia State Police stated that the crash was still being investigated, the evidence at the scene pointed to the tractor trailer rear ending the school bus in slow traffic. Witnesses stated that the rear of the school bus was crushed and the back panel and roof had collapsed.

Our View

Our Virginia truck crash lawyers are saddened that a teenager died in what sounds like a preventable accident. Our truck crash attorneys in Virginia have seen far too many distracted truck drivers cause fatal accidents in rear end crashes.

It is incumbent upon all commercial truck drivers to be certain that they are well rested and never nod off at the wheel. Nor should they ever be distracted from driving. A rear end collision by a truck caused devastating and horrific injuries. If it is determined that this was a rear end crash by the truck, we hope that the trucker is punished in criminal court and his company is sued for wrongful death.

Our attorneys have represented severely injured clients who were mangled in a rear end crash with a truck, resulting in a $5.5 million settlement. We wish such crashes would never happen.