One Man Dead As Two Tractor Trailers Collide

One truck driver has died and another was injured after two big rigs hit each other in Orangeburg SC on Aug. 19. 

The truck accident happened on Highway SC 4 near at Neeses Camp Road at 3 AM. One tractor trailer was going west when it was hit head one by another truck. Both trucks burst into flames. The driver in the first truck was killed on impact while the other driver had minor injuries.

One of the trucks was carrying chemicals and caused a large fire on the highway. The road had to be closed and a Hazmat crew was brought in to clean up the area.

The cause of the crash is not yet known.


Our View

Our truck accident attorneys in North Carolina do not know the cause of this wreck but it sounds as if driver fatigue could come into play. National statistics show that up to 40% of truck accidents are caused by driver fatigue. This is because truckers are paid per mile and often feel driven to drive as far as they can without getting proper rest. They also may be pressured by their company to keep driving so the load arrives on time.

If you are hurt by a truck driver who appears to have been negligent, you can receive compensation in a personal injury lawsuit, especially if driver fatigue is suspected.