2 Die in 6-Vehicle Truck Crash on I-77 in SC

Two people died and 10 were injured in a major crash on I-77 in Chester County SC on Aug. 31. 

The state police said that the crash happened at 3:15 pm near exit 65 on the northbound side. Emergency management workers said it appeared that a tractor trailer jackknifed when it tried to stop for traffic ahead. This led to several crashes on the north and southbound sides. Three trucks and four cars were involved.


The county coroner stated that two people were dead at the scene and the rest were sent to the hospital for various injuries. Their conditions are not yet known.

One child in a car seat was thrown from one of the cars in one of the crashes, but he was not injured.

One of the big rigs was completely burned and a large area on the sides of the interstate was burned as well.

Our View

Each of our truck accident attorneys truly regret the loss of life in this truck accident tragedy. It should always be pointed out that truck drivers have a very special obligation to drive safely. They possess a commercial driver’s license, and they are driving a very large and heavy truck. If the truck driver does not brake in time, his rig can jackknife and/or rear end another vehicle and terrible accidents can occur. 

Obviously, this is a very complicated accident involving several private and commercial vehicles, but it appears that a truck driver is most likely to blame for the crash. A civil lawsuit against that driver and his trucking company could provide much needed funds for the injured. Also, the families of the people who died deserve compensation for their pain and suffering, as well as the lost wages of their loved ones.