New York City Woman Dies from Tractor Trailer Injuries

A 61 year old woman from Queens NY has died from injuries sustained when she was hit by a tractor trailer in a crosswalk. 

The woman suffered massive injuries to her lower body, and she also lost a leg, when she was hit by the truck near Mott Ave. and Beach Channel Drive in Queens on May 17.

She had stepped into the crosswalk and then was hit by the truck. The truck driver was issued a ticket for driving a trailer that was too long for city streets.


Our View

Based upon common law in most states, a pedestrian has right of way at a street corner when crossing when the car or truck driver has a clear view of the person. In many states, people in a crosswalk are protected just like they are walking across a major intersection with a traffic light. that is, the driver must yield to anyone who is in a crosswalk or is crossing near the corner, no matter if the crosswalk has indicator lights.

Our car and truck accident lawyers in Virginia have dealt with many crosswalk injury cases, such as this one in Norfolk that resulted in a $300,000 settlement. 

Regarding the above tragic truck accident, the family of the deceased may want to consider a wrongful death lawsuit to pay for their pain and suffering and the woman’s lost wages. It sounds as if the truck driver could be held liable in civil court.