Hit and Run Truck Driver Kills Pedestrian in MA

A big rig driver in Milford MA suspected of killing a 64 year old pedestrian on Sept. 3 has turned himself into state police. 

The women was hit by the tractor trailer in downtown Milford at 4:15 PM at Main and South Bow streets, police reported. They added that they did not know if the truck driver was aware that he hit the woman when he drove away.


About an hour after police released a picture of the truck, they announced that the truck had been found and the driver had turned himself in.

Our View

The specifics of this case are not entirely clear, but we do know that the tractor trailer struck the pedestrian. These types of accidents point to the importance of tractor trailer drivers always paying very careful attention to their driving duties. A tractor trailer is a huge and heavy vehicle, and the damages that it can cause are devastating. Usually if a truck hits a pedestrian or biker, it is a fatality, in our experience in truck accident cases as Virginia truck crash attorneys.

Some tractor trailer drivers do not pay close enough attention to their driving, and can be distracted by cell phones, CB radios, and conversation. Other truck drivers fall asleep while driving.

When it can be proven that the truck driver was negligent, grieving families have the option of suing the trucker and his company for wrongful death. In a case of clear negligence, the family can be awarded several million dollars in some cases. This money is of great importance because it helps the family to overcome the financial devastation of losing a breadwinner. It also helps them to pay for funeral and other expenses.