2 Ohio Tractor Trailers Collide, One Seriously Injured

Two men in Lindsey OH were hurt when their tractor trailers collided at US 20 and State Route 590 on Sept. 8. 

Both drivers suffered injuries when one of the trucks rear ended the other at a red light. The Jaws of Life had to be used to remove the second driver from his rig, and he suffered serious injuries.


Alcohol was not a factor in the crash, but the police continue to investigate why the second truck did not stop in time.

Our View

Our truck accident attorneys are always concerned when we hear about rear end truck accidents. Many of these truck crashes are very serious and involve serious personal injuries and sometimes even death.

Thirteen percent of truck accidents are caused by driver fatigue and distracted drivers, with many serious personal injuries resulting from these accidents. Truck drivers are often under major pressure to get their loads shipped on time. Sometimes the truckers may drive longer than they should and will bend the rules.

Our personal injury lawyers are experienced in proving that a truck accident was caused by driver fatigue. Sometimes the truck may admit it to police, and other times he might appear fatigued at the scene. A review of the trucker’s log book also can be revealing. If enough evidence is compiled, sometimes a civil lawsuit can be filed that results in a large financial settlement to pay for the client’s injuries and lost wages.